Dr. David L. Tobias
Dr. George Bonev


We offer quality tooth extraction services to anyone who may be a viable candidate for tooth removal.   

A tooth extraction is generally performed to remove a tooth that is either beyond normal dental restoration or has become impacted. Teeth sometimes become untreatable due to a serious amount of damage or decay, reaching a point where normal appearance and function can’t be restored by any other professional method. Some teeth, such as wisdom teeth, become problematic, painful and impacted, making extraction the only way to quickly and safely return you to good oral health.

The removal of a badly-decayed tooth can often make it easier to stop the spread of infection to both your gums and surrounding teeth. This procedure effectively exposes the infected area, helping the dentist better treat the area above the bad tooth and making it easier to determine your best tooth replacement options.

Though it depends on the individual patient, extraction recovery is generally fast and relatively pain-free. We do our best to provide a relaxing atmosphere where you can feel at ease, and will do everything possible to make your extraction as fast and painless as possible.  

We perform fast, effective and affordable extraction procedures in a safe and comfortable environment.  Contact us today to find out if our tooth extraction services are right for your smile.